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We provide information about dentistry to give you the tools you need to make informed desicions about your dental care.

About Us

Our mission at DentalWebDMD.com is to be your ambassador and concierge for your journey through the world of dental health.  By helping you to understand the different levels and types of dental treatment, and the different types of dental professionals that can perform these treatments,  Our goal is to empower you so that you, the patient, can make an educated decision about your own dental care, especially for treatments that may involve implant dentistry or other dental specialties.

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Oral Health Specialities

There are nine recognized fields of specialty within dentistry and several other areas that are not formally recognized as specialities. While all dentists attend many years of medical school to achieve their dental degrees, some dental professionals also pursue up to three years of additional training in order to specialize in a particular area of dentistry. If your dental condition is more serious than what your general dentist can treat, you may be referred to a specialist to recieve more focused care.




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We provide information about dentistry to give you the tools you need to make informed decisions about your dental care

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