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Our mission at DentalWebDMD.com is to be your ambassador and concierge for your journey through the world of dental health.  By helping you to understand the different levels and types of dental treatment, and the different types of dental professionals that can perform these treatments,  Our goal is to empower you so that you, the patient, can make an educated decision about your own dental care, especially for treatments that may involve implant dentistry or other dental specialties.

We feel that if a dental professional or dental group advertises their ability to perform certain procedures on you or your family, doesn’t make them the best in your community to treat you.  The information DentalWebDMD.com is providing will be independent and evidence based and will reflect the standard of excellence we would expect of our own dental professionals.

While we understand the nature of seeking in some circumstances the least expensive

Dentistry treatment, we know for a fact that the cheapest treatment is never the best treatment, and this definitely includes dental tourism.  In order for you to experience the best the dental world has to offer, we believe passionately in the “team” approach to dental treatment.  This is when your general dentist, refers you to a dental specialist to perform a special dental treatment.  This would include dental implant surgery, (Oral Surgeon) orthodontics, endodontics (root canals), periodontics (gum surgery and dental Implants), prosthodontics (high level restorative dentistry), and pedodontics (childrens dentistry).  All of these dental specialists have attended years of additional training on top of the years they spent attaining their DDS or DMD certification. In other words, would you go to your general practice physician for brain surgery?  No, you would be referred to a brain surgeon or seek the brain surgeon yourself.

We know that regular dental appointments and dental hygiene are a very important part of your overall physical health.  Hygiene is where most dental problems begin to be discovered, so please do not procrastinate when it comes to your dental health.  We all know people that never smile because they are ashamed of the condition of their teeth.  This can definitely affect your overall health and personal attitude toward life.  And don’t forget…floss the teeth you want to keep!