Adult Dental Care

Adult Dental Care

As  one ages, your mouth goes through many changes.

Recognize the Signs of Gum (Periodontal) Disease:
Many adults experience some forms of gum disease. Poor oral hygiene and improper fitting of dentures, partial dentures, crowns or bridges can increase the severity of gum disease.

Some Signs to Look For:
• Gums that are red, swollen, tender or have pus between them and the teeth
• Bleeding gums
• Changes in the fit of partial dentures

Practicing Basic Dental Care Prevents:
• Tooth Decay, which may need  fillings, crowns and other costly procedures
• Gum (periodontal) Disease, which can damage gum tissue and the bones that support teeth. If left untreated may lead to the loss of teeth.
• Long visits with the dental hygienist and your dentist
• Your mouth from attracting bacteria that causes bad breath
• Staining from food, drinks, and tobacco. Helps keep your teeth white
• Losing your teeth (the possibility to keep your teeth a lifetime)
• For all the above you not only save money but improve your overall health.
• Brushing at the correct time is an important component in the overall dental health

Unless otherwise told by your dentist brushing should be conducted twice daily followed by flossing. There is very little evidence to have perfect healthy gums and teeth by brushing once a day.

Adult Dental Care should be taken very seriously!


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