Edema – swelling resulting from fluid accumulation in gingival tissues.

Edentulous – means having no teeth at all. Learn More

Efferent – the nerves that carry motor messages away from the brain.

Embrasure – the space between two teeth.

Enamel – the protective outer surface of the crown.  The content of tooth enamel is 95% mineral origin, and is the hardest tissue in the body.

Enamel Shaping – a process of removing or restructuring a small amount of the outer tooth enamel to reduce the appearance of imperfections. Enamel shaping is used often in conjunction with dental bonding to correct the appearance of misshaped, oversized, rough, or chipped teeth.

Endodontics (Endo) – the treatment of diseases or injuries affecting the root, tip, or nerve of the tooth.

Endodontist – a dentist specializing in the treatment of diseases of the dental pulp and nerve.

Eminence – a prominence.

Erosion – the dissolution of tooth structure due to the presence of gastric juices or citrus.

Exfoliate – the natural process of the loss of primary (baby) teeth.

Explorer – An instrument used by the dentist to detect cavity growth. Learn More

External – on the outer surface.

Extraoral – outside the mouth.

Extraction – the removal of teeth.